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Medical Weight Management

Bariatric surgery is not a one size fits all cure for those struggling with their weight. For some patients, a non-surgical approach is more appropriate, or insurance carriers may need a pre-operative detailed medically directed "program". Either way, Dr. Balder can outline a plan to satisfy your needs.

Our practice offers a multidisciplinary non-surgical approach. We incorporate many tools including metabolic testing, diet, exercise, psychology, and medications.Along with a team of specialists dedicated to the care of each patient. We can offer individual programs tailored to the individual needs of each committed patient.

Our weight management program focuses not only on weight loss, but puts a new focus on your overall male or female health care, making sure weight management is factored into the treatment of other conditions you may have. We are passionate about being proactive with your health and aim to treat current ailments as well as decrease or prevent the future occurrence of weight-related issues.

Dr. Balder offers Male and Female Wellness Visits

Interested in medical weight loss = we have a solution for your health.

Interested in "Diet Pills" = we have a solution for your health.

Need assistance with male or female wellness through hormone replacement, such as low T or other = we have a solution for your health.

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