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Low BMI (BMI 30-38) without significant medical problems or what we will call "Cosmetic" or "Cash Pay" Lap Gastric Sleeve

A. Healthy (Uncomplicated) $ 9750*

B. "Normal" or Complicated (with medical problems) $ 12,500*

* These are special rates for a limited time only (11-1-2017 3-1-2018). Both include an entire day of surgery, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Balder's Surgery fee.

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2. INSURANCE MODEL - BMI of 35 or more

Insurance dictates that:

A. If BMI 35-39.9 then will pay for laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery (ie. Gastric Sleeve) "if" it is a coverage insurance benefit and typically require at least one medical or health problem (ie. sleep apnea, fatty liver, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac enlargement, high cholesterol, and other) exists;

B. If BMI 40 OR GREATER then there is no health problem or medical illness required for benefit coverage.

Costs vary per specific policy and are inclusive of the day of surgery and 90 days of expert Weight Loss Surgery care.

Your Insurance either COVERS weight loss surgery as a BENEFIT, or EXCLUDES it as a benefit. If "EXCLUDED", see cash pay options above, we offer excellent low interest financing!


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