Gastric Sleeve or Bypass Post-op Nutrition Guide


Week 1

Day 1 (first day you wake up in your own bed)

***Adequate hydration is essential to prevent dehydration. Try to drink at least 40 ounces of fluid per day, this should be increased to goal of 60 ounces a day as soon as possible. Aim for 4 ounces each hour. Drink slowly and do not use a straw. Liquids will not stretch your stomach pouch. It might be helpful to write down your fluid intake to ensure that you are drinking enough during the first few days.

Clear Liquids include:

  • Water, may use lemon flavoring
  • Crystal light/flavored water/water enhancer (NO SUGAR)
  • Iced or hot tea (NO SUGAR) Decaffeinated!
  • Sugar free popsicles and Jell-O
  • Clear broth (chicken, beef, or vegetable)
  • Sugar free Powerade or Gatorade
  • Clear protein supplement or clear protein shots
  • Fusion or Prescript fit Chicken or Beef soup
  • G2 Gatorade

***After your first post-op visit with your surgeon, begin taking your Bariatric vitamins as directed by your physician. Your first visit is usually between 7 and 10 days post-op. We do NOT RECOMMEND taking over-the-counter vitamins!

Week 2

Day 7-10

Fluids: At least 40 ounces per day (Goal is 60 ounces daily)

Protein: To start, you should aim for 30 grams per day minimum (Goal is 60 grams a day)

Continue with clear liquids from week 1, but you may now add protein supplement drinks i.e. Fusion, Prescript fit, Premier, Pure protein etc… (low sugar)

At this point, you will have your first follow-up appointment with your surgeon/physician. Be prepared to discuss daily fluid intake and protein intake as well as all medications and vitamin supplements.

Day 10-14

Continue all of the above liquids and SLOWLY add the following Full Liquids if you are not nauseated.

Full Liquids include:

Almond milk (plain, low fat) or Calorie Countdown Milk, Soy milk can be used, but not recommended by Dr Balder

Diet V8 Fusion or Splash or Tomato juice

Sugar Free pudding

Natural applesauce (no sugar added)

Low fat yogurt i.e. Dannon Light Greek No fruit chunks

Campbell’s 9% Fat Free Cream Soups MUST BE STRAINED!

***If you become nauseated and/or feel bloated, eliminate milk products, and go back to the previous liquid stage. Call your Surgeon/Physician’s office for persistent nausea or vomiting. Do not progress your diet if nauseated or vomiting.


Protein goal is 40-60 grams per day ONLY AS TOLERATED.

Chewable/capsule Multivitamins daily.

You may be instructed by the surgeon to alter vitamin intake depending on your individual needs.

Week 3

Total fluid intake greater than 48 ounces per day! (Remember goal is 60 ounces a day)

Protein: More than 40-50 grams per day! (Goal is 60 grams a day)

Continue the previous stages and add the following:

Ripe banana (1/2 of fresh banana is one serving) **may blend with protein shakes

Baked sweet potato or red creamer potato (1/4 to ½ small potato) Yukon Gold.

Cream of wheat or Malt o Meal **NO GRITS**

Plain regular oatmeal, Can add sugar substitute or cinnamon **NO PRESWEETENED PACKETS!!**

May add fruit to protein shakes.

Week 4

Total fluid intake greater than 48 ounces per day!

Protein: 50-60 grams per day!

Continue the previous stages and add:

Low Carb Cottage cheese

Lite canned fruit in natural juice, NOT IN SYRUP! i.e. peaches, pears, fruit cocktail

Cheese i.e. mozzarella cheese sticks

Well cooked beans (NO RICE) i.e. white beans, red beans, lentils, pinto beans and lima beans-NO PEAS

Well cooked vegetables (canned) i.e. carrots, green beans, spinach

***The 1-month post-op follow-up visit usually occurs around this time.

You may need nutritional lab work done at this visit so you can discuss your nutrition intake.

Week 5

Total Fluid intake at least 64 ounces per day

Protein: At least 60 grams per day

**Pay more attention to chewing well and eating slowly as the food texture changes. Remember to use a small plate to ensure portion control. Keep a food diary to monitor your protein and fluid intake.

Continue the previous stages and add:

Poached, scrambled or soft-boiled eggs

Protein bars Low sugar and Low Carbs!

Melba toast

Fresh fruit (MUST BE PEELED)

****Continue taking Multi-Vitamin with Iron and B Complex***

Week 6

Total Fluid intake 64 ounces per day

Protein: at least 60 grams per day

Continue the previous stages and add the following:

Baked fish (NO BREADING) flaky style i.e. tilapia, mahi mahi

Low fat Omelet

Cooked vegetables i.e. cauliflower, broccoli, greens, cabbage, brussel sprouts

Multi-grain crackers, low fat

Whole grain cereal-NO HONEY NUTS OR DRIED FRUITS- i.e. Cheerios, Special K, or Bran Flakes

Fresh crab meat, plain with no additives

Canned tuna-packed in water not oil

Week 7

Total Fluid intake 60 ounces per day

Protein: 60-80 grams per day

Continue the pervious stages and move on to salads with minimal amounts of low calorie dressings.

Add lean ground meats, such as Turkey and Beef (2-3 ounces per serving) and then baked chicken (2-3 ounces per serving) as long as you are tolerating it.

Plain or lightly salted nuts (one 2 ounce serving per day)

Almonds are the best choice.

Week 8 and Beyond

Continue Fluid and Protein as directed in previous stages.

Continue with previous stages.

***You should not try difficult meats such as roast and steak until at least 16 weeks after surgery. They require very small bites and lots of chewing. Go slowly.

Continue to concentrate on high protein food choices and adequate no-calorie fluids. Take supplemental protein to get in 60-80 grams every day. Avoid starches and simple sugars (cake, candy etc.)

No fried foods (chips, French fries, etc.)

  • Yeast or doughy breads i.e. biscuits, white/wheat bread, pizza dough, doughnuts, yeast rolls etc.…
  • Simple starches/sugars i.e. cakes, cookies, pies, candy
  • Fried foods
  • Sodas and any carbonated beverages
  • Dried fruits
  • Rice, grits, pasta
  • Juices
  • Sweetened beverages

****Eat only until comfortably full. Do not overfill your pouch.

Drink your fluids between meals, 30 minutes before and after meals NOT WITH MEALS! DO NOT USE STRAWS! SIP FLUIDS SLOWLY!

Eat 3 meals/day with between meal snacks as needed to meet your protein needs.

DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is essential for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep a food journal and activity log to monitor your protein intake, fluid intake, calories taken in and calories expended.

Take your Bariatric Vitamins every day!

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