I LAP (Imbricated Lap Band)


In the skillful hands of Dr. Don Balder, the "I LAP" or imbrication of the greater curvature with Lap-Band placement has evolved over the past few years from a revisional procedure to salvage a "slipped" band or poorly functioning gastric banding to a primary procedure.

The "I LAP" procedures were first performed by Dr. Don Balder throughout North and South Carolina as a tool for patient care to theoretically decrease the postoperative chance of mechanical failure and band "slippage". It was originally postulated that for those struggling patients referred to his weight loss practice, the revisional "I LAP" procedure might also cause better weight loss. Over both early and late follow up, it has been found to instill the profound side effect of marked increases in the velocity of weight loss (greater than the standard lap-banding procedures). The revisional procedures have proved so beneficial, that Dr. Don Balder started to offer his primary weight loss patients this added benefit with Lap Band placement in early 2011. There have been no major complications in his series of I LAP patients, and a marked increase in initial weight loss associated with the procedure has in fact been found. Dr Don Balder feels that in the skilled hands of a Lap Band specialist; because of the tremendous added benefit (improved satiety, quicker maintenance of "green zone", decreased hunger, and improved weight loss) without significant added surgical risk "the addition of the greater curvature to the already successful Lap Band procedure may turn the tide and become the gold standard in weight loss surgery in the next two or three years".

Dr. Don Balder was invited to the International Weight Loss Surgery meeting (IFSO) to present a variety of topics including his video (and experience) with the revision of a slipped Realize Band with Lap Band replacement and greater curvature imbrication. Please watch his video below or an abbreviated version on YouTube.

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