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If you’re interested in the benefits a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, but you’re concerned about the intensity of such procedures, a gastric balloon from the Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss Surgery can provide results without the need for invasive measures. Plus, compared to other weight loss clinics in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, they offer this procedure at the lowest price! If you’re curious whether a gastric balloon is the right choice for you, call the Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss Surgery -- located in Gulfport and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Slidell, Louisiana -- to schedule your consultation or book your appointment online.

Gastric Balloon Q & A

What is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is a silicone balloon that's inserted into your stomach and then filled with saline to take up space. Similar to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures, the balloon makes you feel full after eating less than usual, helping you lose weight. Gastric balloons are typically removed after six months.

Dr. Balder uses the Obalon balloon, a gastric balloon that requires no sedation and is swallowed for placement.

Am I a good candidate for a gastric balloon?

You might be a good candidate for a gastric balloon if you have a BMI between 30-40, and other kinds of weight loss strategies haven’t been effective.

Gastric balloons are a great option if you’re unwilling to undergo the required surgery for a gastric sleeve or bypass or have a prior surgery that makes another procedure in the area risky.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Unlike other types of gastric balloons, the Obalon balloon is a quick outpatient procedure that doesn't require a standard catheter or sedation.

Dr. Balder will provide up to three pills containing balloons that are attached to a micro-catheter. After you swallow the pills, he will use an X-ray to ensure they are safely positioned in your stomach.

As the pills dissolve, he will inflate each balloon to the appropriate size and then easily remove the micro-catheters. The procedure takes no more than 10 minutes per balloon, and you can return to your regular schedule immediately.

Is a gastric balloon safe?

Gastric balloon placements rarely result in severe complications. Some patients report instances of pain or nausea after insertion of the balloon, but these typically subside in a few days.

Should the balloon deflate, there is a possibility that it could move through your digestive system and result in a blockage. Contact Dr. Balder if you feel discomfort or pain well after the initial procedure.

When will I see results?

When combined with a diet and exercise plan discussed with Dr. Balder, you should lose between 10-15% of your body weight during the six months following insertion of the gastric balloon.

If you want to lose weight but you’re concerned about the more invasive weight loss procedures, a gastric balloon might be the approach you need. Call to arrange your consultation or book your appointment online.