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Have you received a weight loss surgical procedure in the past and not received the results you needed? Or did complications from the procedure result in unnecessary discomfort and pain? Then let Dr. Donald Balder provide revision surgery to restore your comfort. If you’re suffering ill effects from a prior bariatric procedure, call The Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss Surgery -- located in Gulfport and Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Slidell, Louisiana -- to schedule your appointment or book your consultation online.

Revision Surgery Q & A

What is revision surgery?

Revision surgery, or revision bariatric surgery, is a correctional surgical procedure. Dr. Balder will use a laparoscope to inspect and adjust a prior bariatric surgery.

Am I a good candidate for revision surgery?

Whether you’re a good candidate for revision surgery depends on the type of procedure you initially had, how long it’s been since the surgery, and your current health condition. Dr. Balder will review your medical and surgical history to determine whether revision surgery is a safe option.

What should I expect during a revision surgery procedure?

Despite being a correctional procedure, revision surgery is complex, sometimes more so than the initial operation. That's because several variables affect the difficulty of the correction, including when the original surgery was performed, how it was performed, the skill of the original surgeon, and your current weight level.

Any correction Dr. Balder performs will likely be an inpatient procedure requiring a certain amount of downtime. Dr. Balder will discuss what you can expect in more detail after performing an initial consultation.

How does revision surgery work?

Each revision procedure works differently depending on the original surgery and what Dr. Balder needs to adjust. Here are some of the more common revisional procedures:

Gastric Band

Gastric bands are removed and converted into a gastric sleeve or bypass if the original band didn't provide the expected results.

Gastric Sleeve

Poorly performed gastric sleeve procedures can lead to acid reflux and heartburn, and may not produce expected results. Dr. Balder can convert a gastric sleeve into a duodenal switch or bypass to relieve these symptoms.

Gastric Bypass

Patients who receive gastric bypass surgery occasionally regain weight as the stomach pouch stretches, which allows more food into the stomach before the patient feels full. Dr. Balder can place a gastric band around such pouches, or restaple the pouch to the intended size.

When will I see results from revision surgery?

If you suffered discomfort or complications from your prior bariatric procedure, relief is often immediate or shortly after the revision procedure.

If you revised your prior procedure to achieve additional weight loss, further results depend on your current diet, physical exercise routine, and the type of bariatric procedure you received.

If you think you would benefit from revision surgery, call the Mississippi Institute of Weight Loss Surgery offices to book your consultation or make your appointment online.