Dec 13, 2023


Dr Balder’s Nutrition/Behavior Goals:

Practice my “30/30” Rules

*  30 minutes dedicated for each meal (3 daily). Eating fast or in a hurry always causes one to eat too much!

* 30 chews before swallowing. Foods should be almost puree before swallowing and 30 chews will do this!

* 30 seconds between bites (put down utensil for 30 sec). Decreases over eating by slowing down the process.

* 30 minutes (at least) after eating before drinking fluids with bariatric patients.  Drinking between meals helps, if drink during a meal with a small stomach it may wash foods down.

Practice “60/60” Rules

* Drink > 64 oz fluid/water each day (no sugar, non carbonated)

* Protein Goal > 60 grams daily

* 60 minutes of movement (exercise a day); slowly increase to this goal

Healthier Food Choices

1. Proteins First > then Green Veggies > Limit Complex Carbs

2. Rec. Green Veggies: Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus, 

Spinach, Kale, Collard & Turnip Greens

3. Read labels b4 purchase/eating (Sugar-single digits/meal)

4. Eliminate “White” Carbohydrates (these cause hunger)

Simple Sugars (Coke, Sweet tea, juices, milk, deserts)

Flour Products (Breads, cakes, cookies, crackers)

* Most “wheat” crackers and breads are still flour!

Breads, Pasta, Rice 

5. Avoid Processed Foods (fast food, packaged food)

6. If bariatric, avoid salads what? why? Well, your stomach is small and little nutritional value to lettuce, so why fill with bulk if you are having a hard time getting your protein and green leafy veggies in. Also, most salads are full of sugar and carbs! ie.  Ranch dressing - Low Fat products (dressings). Low Fat means High Sugar!

Portion Control

Consider using small plates such as a salad plate for meals

When out, appetizer or child portion, or share plate - 

substitute green veggies for potatoes!

Avoid skipping meals (Drink protein shake if cannot eat)

Start Exercise & Increase Duration, even walking to reach 60 min/day goal